You can like your gardens again (really!)
With Paul Jung Gardening Services

A little about me, more about you and the benefits you'll receive

A Toronto gardener and his company

I'm not going to bore you with vague or generic company mission statements or slogans because, honestly,  you don't care. What's important to know about me is that:

  • I know my plants and how to take care of them
  • I respect your time when it comes to meetings and visits
  • I don't use pesticides or gas-powered machines
  • I'm very easy to work with 

(Credentials are important. You can learn more about my education and interests by visiting my LinkedIn profile and my "garden muses" blog profile page)

Enough about me. What about you?

Toronto homeowners like you are having a tough time finding credible and efficient care for their valuable gardens. Time after time, I hear stories about landscaping workers who don't know about plants, rush through their visit and spoil your gardens with cigarette butts and gas exhaust. You question them about the service you're getting and receive shrugs and excuses in return.

And you paid good money for this? Why would you accept this?

After graduating in 2006 from Toronto's Humber College Landscape Technician program with honours, I decided that you and your gardens deserve much better. It just makes sense for you to hire an experienced non-smoking gardener who you can trust to work on your property and around your family, is knowledgeable about perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees while providing consistent, reliable and creative gardening services.

More benefits you'll receive with me:

  • you'll experience excellent value in creating or maintaining important parts of your property, which means the most productive use of your hard-earned dollars when it comes to hiring a gardener 
  • peace of mind that your gardens will be looked after when you go away on vacation or if you're physically unable to work outside 
  • a focus on a long-term gardening relationship, which means eliminating your efforts to find a reliable gardener you can trust during every visit, every year 
  • I won't use pesticides or gas-powered machines around you and your family when I weed, prune and rake, which means you, your family and neighbours can safely enjoy your gardens at any time without inhaling toxic gas and chemical fumes 
  • a genuine passion for gardening that I love to share, which means that you will enjoy gardening even more 
  • knowing that I am completely accountable for my work, which means you will not have to deal with any buck-passing from seasonal help who, to be blunt, don't care about your needs and concerns

In my client's words...

Just as I was thinking to phone and say a big thank you to you, I receive your email. You did a great job and so quickly.... The backyard looks great. Thanx soooooo much...... see you next year. Have a good winter.


Marlene Chapelle (Toronto, October 2011)