You can like your gardens again (really!)
With Paul Jung Gardening Services

FAQs: Working with a small Toronto organic gardening company

Your time is valuable so I don't want to waste it. Here are some questions and answers to help determine if we’re a good fit: 

 Q: How do you work?  

A: I work only by myself and with you, the homeowner/s. I'm not part of a large landscaping or grounds maintenance franchise. I am, have been and always will be completely independent.

I bring my own small tools (pruners, loppers, etc.)  to your house by TTC.

I don't use any gas-powered equipment or pesticides which means a more safe and pleasant area for you, your loved ones and myself.

You or I will supply yard waste bags or containers that will be picked up by the city on your next scheduled waste pick-up date.

 Q: Where do you work? 

A:  My service area is between Victoria Park Ave. and Keele St.  and Queen St. and Lawrence Ave.. Currently, I have clients in the Riverdale, Cabbagetown, the Annex, Leaside, the Danforth, and Leslieville neighbourhoods.  (I'm flexible if you live just outside these boundaries.)

 Q: How much do you charge? 

A: I charge $69 per hour plus HST. Since I don't charge for travel time, I charge a minimum 3 hours for any visit. You'll always be presented with an invoice after my work is done to your satisfaction (that is, I don't insist on being paid in cash.)

Please note that my $69 hourly rate and minimum hours per visit (3) are firm.

 Q: Why do you work alone? 

A: You will be better served with a simpler and cleaner working relationship. You'll know exactly who is doing the weeding and pruning at all times (me.)

I'm accountable directly to you so there won't be any name-blaming or buck-passing if you are not satisfied with my service. After all, you'll be speaking with the owner and no one else.

From the initial contact, setting up an appointment, doing the actual work and being presented with an invoice, you're working with only me and not a team of employees. You're also not paying for all the overhead associated with a landscaping company's crew, company vehicles, office staff, etc.

 Q: Why don't you cut lawns or put in patios like other landscaping companies? What else don't you do?  

A: It's simply a case of providing you the best value I can offer by not being like other landscaping companies with their small armies of technicians wielding gas-powered equipment who spend the bare minimum of time on your property before racing to their next job.

I don't:
  • prune tall hedges or trees
  • use gas-powered leaf blowers when raking by hand will do 
  • truck away heavy branches
  • have expert knowledge of urban vegetable farming
  • create containers
  • work on condo gardens or for commercial businesses

 Q: I still have a question you haven't answered. What's the best way to reach you?

A: E-mail me at info @ I'll do my best to provide the right answer. I might even add your question to this section!

I actually have some questions for you:

  • is it important for you to hire a gardener who won't pollute the environment while quietly and respectfully working on your property?
  • are you looking for excellent value for your gardening dollar rather than simply the lowest price?
  • do you prefer to work with one person consistently throughout the gardening season?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, let's continue the conversation!

What do you want to do next?

In my client's words...


I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with my garden this year.

After my former gardener retired I was apprehensive about taking on someone who I didn’t know. I needn’t have worried. The garden bloomed under your care, including perennials, annuals and shrubs. All my guests remarked how beautiful it looked right through spring, summer and fall.

I look forward to working with you again in 2014 and another successful year.


Brian Gallaugher (Toronto, January 2014)